Airbus Defence and Space chooses eCube Concept

Airbus Defence and Space has decided to build its new „Data Centre Germany South“ based on the „eCube Concept“. Successfully inaugurating the „Green IT Cube“ with a total power of 12 MW in Darmstadt in January 2016, TTSP HWP is now realizing its second project based on this ground-breaking concept.

The „Cube“ at Airbus Defence and Space features all the redundancies and security measures that a data center in the highest categories of availability requires. At the same time, it achieves the highest standards of energy efficiency, making this data center one of the most efficient corporate data centers in Germany. With its very compact design it fits perfectly into the environment on the campus. The eye-catching façade reflects the technical nature of the building combined with a clear and functional design.

„A data centre is a machine with a building shell around“, so Christian Krauthammel, Managing Director, the basic design approach for a data centre is security and operational functionality, but most clients want their data centre to look representative as well. The integration of these demands, plus cost-efficiency on top is always challenge for data centre designers. A challenge that has been overcome in a very innovative way for Airbus Defence and Space. Building with a plan.