Marieninsel, frankfurt am mainan island in the middle of frankfurt

In the middle of Frankfurt's banking district, framed by Marienstraße, Taunusanlage and Mainzer Landstraße, lies the Marieninsel - an ensemble of buildings consisting of Marienturm and Marienforum.

For well-known legal, banking and consulting tenants,  functional and creative tenancy plans were drawn up to meet the demanding requirements. Individual plans were created reflecting the needs of the tenants in the technically highly complex environment of the two buildings.

Client Pecan Development GmbH
Rental Space Marienturm ~ 45,450 m², Marienforum ~ 11,950 m²
Project costs Confidential (>€ 1 m.)
Provided services HOAI Architectural Services phases 1-8, Space Planning, Tenant Planning

"Approximately 32,000 square meters of tenant improvements were planned and overseen by your company, and I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank your team for their exceptionally competent and reliable work."




Monica Ann Sibler, Director Leasing, Pecan Development