Green IT Cube awarded the highly acclaimed Energy Award

High performance computer centre impresses with excellent energy efficiency in the “Industry” category

Frankfurt, 11. October 2016. (ugw) e3 computing GmbH (e3c) and T.P.I Trippe und Partner Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH have been given the Energy Award for their innovative Green IT Cube, which was designed TTSP HWP Planungsgesellschaft mbH as general planner. The highly acclaimed prize from Handelsblatt and GE recognizes outstanding projects concerning sustainability and regenerative energy sources. In a ceremonious gala with around 300 invited guests, the Energy Awards were conferred recently under the patronage of the energy minister Sigmar Gabriel in five categories. In the “Industry” category, the expert panel of the Energy Academy chose the Green IT Cube, which excels with its lower costs, very high density and outstanding energy efficiency. In the highly performing data centre, computer racks are cooled only using evaporative-cooling towers, without mechanical cooling units. In the past year, renowned companies such as REWE Gruppe, Volkswagen AG and Trimet Aluminium SE were prizewinners of the coveted trophy.

The Energy Awards give promising energy concepts the optimum public platform to increase interest within the society. With its innovative Green IT Cube, this year’s award winner has delivered the sign of energy revolution in the industrial field. “the Green IT Cube offers a highly efficient cooling method for computer centres, wherein the energy requirement for cooling is extremely low. In addition, the construction and operating costs can also be expected to be very low. This is how we could convince the jury”, says Prof. Dr. Volker Lindenstruth, computer scientist at the Goethe-University in Frankfurt and responsible for the IT-development. Also Brigitte Zypries Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for Economy and Energy says: “brilliantly simple, simply brilliant.”

The Green IT Cube has been implemented at GSI in Darmstadt: 768 computer racks with water-cooled, passive backdoor heat exchangers are kept in a 27 x 30 x 22 metre cube-shaped building on six floors side by side. As the Green IT Cube cools its computers with water instead of air, the energy requirement for cooling is less than five percent of the power required for computing. The energy saved is thus achieved, on one hand, by refraining from using mechanical cooling units and, on the other hand, by leaving out CRAC units, as the cooling is guaranteed completely by rack backdoors having a coolant that flows through them. Electrical energy is required in the cooling of the Green IT Cube only for pumps and cooling tower ventilators, otherwise the cooling energy is generated only by water evaporation.

The entire planning of Green IT Cube originates from TTSP HWP Planungsgesellschaft, Frankfurt, while the cooling concept developed by e3 computing has been planned by T.P.I. Trippe and Partner Ingenieursgesellschaft, Karlsruhe. The excellent and meticulously well-thought concept is meanwhile getting a lot of international attention.