Our clients face a wide variety of challenges in the real estate sector and are regularly and positively surprised by the breadth of our portfolio and the diversity of the solutions offered by our team.

This is supported by the composition of our management team, with its wide range of disciplines and experience of the real estate sector.

Christian Krauthammel is an architect and has developed the company over decades to its current format. He oversees the development of our projects and assures their quality from planning through to implementation.

Alexander Hauser’s commercial experience allows him to advise our clients on business issues during project development and implementation, and provides structure and direction to construction projects.  He has previously held senior positions in the telecommunications industry and has successfully built up his own company. 

Lars Mostert’s engineering skills complement our focus on the holistic integration of our planning partners throughout the life cycle of construction.  He was previously managing director of an international planning office that provided building engineering services.

The management team are all shareholders of the company.

The management of the company is personally involved in each project we undertake.  We agree on goals, and we are accountable for reaching them.

We believe our success is the success of others – those of our customers and colleagues – and we strongly encourage our people to adopt this perspective. This leaves room for innovative and unexpected results that contribute to our clients’ success.

We strive to help our clients achieve their business goals by developing bespoke, aesthetically pleasing, functional and sustainable architecture.  We do this with passion and deploy the latest digital tools - we are modern Master Builders.



Success requires creative and innovative people. Our employees have diverse educational and cultural backgrounds, motivations, interests and skills. This diversity makes our company rich.

We promote personality and self-motivation by trusting teams to select themselves for each assignment or project task, and to allocate responsibilities accordingly.

We enjoy our work.




Alejandro Cruz Nacher Architect
Aleksandar Petrovic Architect
Alexander Hauser Managing Partner
Alexandru Stefan BIM Specialist
Ana Rukavina Architect
Annika Braun Interior Designer
Antonia Bausch Student trainee
Barbara Dill BIM Coordinator
Christian Krauthammel Managing Partner
Christina Chantzara Architect
Cosmin Militaru Architect
Daniela Strube Project Manager - Interior Designer
Dimitrios Zampakis Architect
Eva Geßnitzer Project Manager - Architect
Evelyn Schmitt CAD Expert
Felix Demandt Architect
Hans Illner Marketing
Hans-Peter Smrtschek Accounting
Ilnur Arslanov Architect
Isabelle Oberle Project Manager - Interior Designer
Jonathan Sutanto Architect
Jordi Sampera Casanovas Architect
Jorge Ruiz Codero Architect
Jorge Vargas Sáenz Architect
Julia Richter Project Manager - Architect
Klaus Günther-Trautner Project Manager - Architect
Krisztina Szalai Architect
Kyra Buhlmann Student trainee
Lars Mostert Managing Partner
Marta Glusa Architect
Michael Kacprzycki Object Supervision
Nora Ogorelkova-Pätz Project Manager - Architect
Norbert Loch Director Datacenter
Olaf Dalmer Managing Director TTSP HWP Consultants
Onur Bilgin IT Administrator
Peter Oberrauter Project Manager - Architect
Raphael Kessener Student trainee
Rémi Jalade Architect
Rüya Gündüz Architect
Sabine Krauthammel Project Manager - Interior Designer
Sandra Freye Architect
Sarah Seidel Secretariat/staff
Simone Nossek Project Manager - Architect
Sybille Geisler Reception
Volker Henne Project Manager - Architect
Willo van der Veen Project Director

"A client has become a real partner;  we enjoy working together with TTSP HWP as a team because we always enjoy the professional interaction on an equal footing." Dr. Frank Scheer, Managing Director Deerns Deutschland GmbH

key data

  • Established - Company founded in 1990
  • Supra-regional - Nationwide project development managed from the Frankfurt office
  • Quality oriented- QM certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001
  • Independent - Associated partners are TTSP in London and HWP Planungsgesellschaft mbH in Stuttgart

core principle

Our daily actions are not based on marketing-directed empty words, but our principles underlie the simple elements of how we conceive ourselves.



Our clients deserve good architecture
We listen, understand, and implement with passion
We never leave a client with an unsolved problem
Your building endeavour is our challenge throughout the entire lifecycle of construction
we commit to deliver our customers' aspirations
We want our customers and ourselves to succeed
quality and customer satisfaction are not created by chance, but only by always considering them as the ultimate goal
We use the latest digital tools to create space for our real work and to concentrate on what we are: modern Master Builders