commercial real estate

We develop real estate for our customers: contemporary yet timeless; aesthetic yet functional; of high quality yet cost-optimized. This tension drives us to find distinctive solutions every day, which we expertly create. We focus on office and administrative buildings, commercial real estate, and educational buildings, including redevelopment and urban planning. We lead our clients to success. We live architecture.

We have combined the latest technological tools with experience and innovation to become digital Master Builders.

We are committed to creating long-term optimized living and working environments for the people who use them. We want our clients to always know that our focus is also on meeting budgets and deadlines, and on ensuring the buildings fit into a wider public context and are sustainable. We are proud of what we have left behind and are delighted to receive positive feedback from clients and users, sometimes many years after project completion.


We see ourselves to be the driving force throughout the entire construction lifecycle. We establish our customers’ goals and transform buildings into modern working and living spaces. We always involve our clients in each phase of work as we concentrate on achieving our common goal, even as requirements may change and opportunities emerge. We motivate ourselves, our clients, and participants in the planning process to achieve outstanding and remarkable results.  We think through every task anew and use our experience to come up with genuinely individual solutions. This is how we continue to grow.


general planning

Taking responsibility! Many clients prefer a single partner to be responsible for handling all the technical issues when they are planning their sustainable real estate development. We have long assumed this leadership responsibility with our own specialists and selected partners. Based on previous project experience we select partners for individual tasks and integrate them into the project team. We ensure that our commitments to clients can be met by partners prepared to take their delivery responsibility and to be the first point of client contact.



Requirements for real estate and working environments are changing and are becoming increasingly complex. Classic quantitative criteria are still important but qualitative measures are gaining in importance and this requires us to rethink established approaches. As a team of architects and interior designers, we plan holistically and strive to find future-proofed solutions, even when based on today’s requirements.

Our services:

> Baseline analysis and evaluation of options
> Strategy and demand planning
> Organizational building design and planning
> Modern and sustainable office/space design
> Change management
> Interior planning and design
> Integrated planning with a team of architects and interior designers

Whether a new build or refurbishment, office or store, façade or furnishing, we worry as much about atmosphere and design as we do about functionality and sustainability.

workspace consultancy

Working environments are changing. Megatrends such as digitalization, globalization, sustainability,  and resource conservation are also changing the way we work.

Our design proposals focus on the people who will live and work in the buildings we design. We do this because we believe that focusing on space efficiency will enable us to identify a solution that precisely matches the agreed purpose.

Modern workplace concepts like Open Spaces, Collaboration Spaces, Hot Desking, and Think Tanks are not equally effective answers to our clients' questions about how to best configure their working environment. We are happy to advise you here. 

space planning

Space planning is a fundamental element of the interior design process. It begins with an in-depth analysis that takes into account the flexible use of the property in the future. We then create designs that define the zones of the building and will support the activities expected to take place in them.  The planning is completed by adding furniture details and specifying the equipment and furnishings.  Correctly locating a company’s organizational units is essential if they are to collaborate effectively. We also provide furniture planning and relocation planning for our clients.

data centers

In the case of data centers, resource efficiency and flexibility are increasingly important to data center design, apart from the standard issues of security and availability, provisioning time, allocation strategies, and costs per kilowatt. In metropolitan areas, space efficiency is also important.
Data center projects always require trade-offs, which we address with our team of architects and engineers by taking a 360° perspective. We plan all our data center projects BIM-capable in Revit; this makes decisions easier for our clients and makes the handover to operations smoother. 


The holistic planning of modern data center buildings that are subject to constant technical development during their life cycle has been a focus of our work over the past decade. Apart from the need for high technical functionality, these buildings should look good and be well architected so that they integrate well into their urban context, without sacrificing cost efficiency.

general planning

Our clients are increasingly demanding more than the development of individual architectural elements; they want us to become the design authority for the project, taking on complete planning responsibility for all the various trades.

We have successfully offered this comprehensive service for many years.

We offer all individually required planning services with our long-term partners as an interface-free package, that can include planning the integration of technical building equipment, structural design, management of third party building physics consulting and Federal emission compliance services.  In doing so, we always have the best overall solution for our clients in mind. A full service package.


ttsp hwp consultants

It is not only the operation of data centers that has shown a high growth potential for providers and users, but the investment in data center real estate has also become a very lucrative market. Annual growth of 20 percent in data center space is forecast for Germany.

Our team of experienced consultants examines the risk profile of corporate strategies in this area. It evaluates locations, terrain, and options; identifies interrelationships and market mechanisms, and provides a sound basis for securing investments and further business development.

Market entry or expansion of the footprint, collocation or cloud, investor or operator - our interdisciplinary consulting services for data centers always take into account the market situation as well as the total cost of ownership and efficiency.

ttsp hwp sites

According to forecasts, investments in data centers throughout Germany are expected to grow at an annual rate of almost 20%. This means almost a doubling of the stock in only 5 years. Much of this demand is concentrated on Frankfurt and its surroundings.

The increasingly scarcity of electricity and general high demand for larger sites has made finding suitable land very hard. Even if a sufficiently large site with a good supply of electricity is available, laws and regulations can severely restrict data center use. 

Our team of specialists supports data center investors or operators in locating and assessing the suitability of sites. We support owners by preparing feasibility studies and by arranging contacts with interested parties.

Our services:

Site identification:

  • Power availability
  • Early contact with municipalities

Site evaluation

  • Due Diligence
  • Master planning
  • Power and fiber connectivity

Site Marketing

  • Feasibility studies
  • Contact initiation
  • Matching