dynamic data centerdual site for maximum safety


A modular building design was developed to be built at various locations and sizes. It would then be possible to construct a data center cluster by stringing together a number of modules

Phase 1 comprised the new construction of twin core data centers with two office buildings and service areas.

At one site, the challenge was to integrate the system into an existing data center environment.

LEED Certification “Gold”

Client T-Systems International GmbH
Connected electrical power Biere site: Initial expansion: 15 MW / Final expansion: 127.5 MW
Madgeburg site: Initial expansion: 7.5 / Final expansion: 15
Project size Biere site: approx. 25,000 m²
Madgeburg site: approx. 8,300 m²
White Space Biere sites: 4,100 m² (First stage) / 30,600 m² (Final stage)
Madgeburg site: 1,800 m² (First stage) / 3,600 m² (Final stage)
Project costs Confidential
Services provided HOAI Architectural Services phases 2-7, quality control, security + health coordination on site, participation in LEED certification
Challenges Very short construction time and therefore the requirement for modular construction across all trades to ensure prefabrication and fast assembly times.

"Working with TTSP HWP always creates a great team spirit, which motivates us to do work together for the good of the client."


Raimund Haase, Managing Director SHK Landschaftsarchitekten