data storage with a rhine viewKMW AG datacenter, mainz

Kraftwerke Mainz-Wiesbaden AG is developing a data center campus of the future in Mainz. The special location on the KMW AG power plant site will enable access to sustainably generated energy and offer future customers a highly available and secure data center operation. An essential part of the redundancy and security concept of the data center modules is the generator-free emergency power operation using the existing KMW AG infrastructure at the location. The aim of KMG AG is to continue to implement a resource-saving technology concept with low end energy consumption of the entire data center in relation to the computing power (PUE - Power Usage Effectiveness Factor), which essentially uses natural energy sources such as air and water and optimizes and optimizes the use of fossil fuels thus contributes to CO2 and primary energy savings.

TTSP HWP will support KMW AG on their way torealisation with planning and advice.

Client Kraftwerke Mainz Wiesbaden AG
Userr confidential
BFA (m2) confidential
IT Power (MW) confidential
PUE confidential
Projectcosts (EUR) confidential
Scope Generalplanning HOAI LP1-2
Challenges Site near the river side