data center Akquinet, norderstedt and alsterdorfhere it's the data turning somersaults

Two identical buildings were built for our client in two Hamburg locations, each consisting of two underground floors and a U-shaped partial floor above ground with a landscaped inner courtyard.

Particularly noticeable is the partial superstructure built on top of the functional subterranean building, with a three-field sports hall and an office building. The technical equipment on the roof is enclosed by an air-permeable curtain wire mesh.

Another remarkable feature is the 2 identical access cores inside with intertwined, yet separate, Chambord staircases. This design allows separate access to building services and IT in the same stairwell, which is required for safety reasons.

Client Alsterdorf: Akquinet RZ Leuchtturm GmbH & Co. KG
Norderstedt: Municipal utilities Norderstedt
User Akquinet
Project size Alsterdorf: 2,500 m²
Norderstedt: 4,100 m²
Project costs Confidential
Services provided HOAI Architectural Service phases 1-4 (up to 8)